Our 360 Approach to Family Therapy & Support

Family Therapy
Whole Family Therapy

At Blossom, "family therapy" simply means that we support your whole family system in ways that make sense for your family.

Have you noticed that your kids behave differently, depending on which family members are present? For example, your daughter listens well when she is with just you or just your spouse, but is defiant and sassy when you are both present? Or, that any combination of 2 of your children can get along, but add in a third sibling and WWIII breaks out?

History Plays Out in the Present

Perhaps your child acts similarly to you when you were young, and you feel frustrated now like you did as a child. Or maybe, your child's behavior is similar to that of spouse's when they were a child, and consequently, you are having trouble relating. Undoubtably, our own childhood experiences influence the way we parent. Those experiences influence what we say, how we react, how we feel and how we think. While sometimes this helpful, we may also need new, healthier patterns.

Families Are Generational Systems

Families are like mobiles. Therefore, what happens to one member impacts the entire system. From small things like body language, tone of voice, and casual comments to big things like moves, job changes, injury, illness, births, and deaths--the events impact family systems a whole, and each individual within the system. Since each individual has their own relationship with every individual in the system, each of those respective relationships are impacted as well.

It's not just what happens in the here and now that can have an influence--each of our individual life experiences shape how we interpret, react, and respond to different situations and events. And this, of course, impacts each of our relationships within the system.

How we help

In recognition of these complex interactions, we developed a 360-degree approach to supporting families. Often, something happening with a child, such as anxiety or behavior problems prompts a parent to call us. Unsurprisingly, what is happening with that child is impacting the entire family system, and vice versa--what is happening in the system is impacting the child.

We work with:

1) Your child to help them develop healthy strategies for managing their emotions andĀ build their inner strength and resources

2) Parents to help them find the parentingĀ strategies that best support the child they have,

3) Parents as couples to address challenges related to communication, intimacy, conflict, and satisfaction,

4) Whole family systems to support healthy family dynamics, and

5) Parents as individuals to help them understand and manage their own emotions and emotional responses to their child's behavior.

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