Child Psychologist for Kids and Teens

Wondering how to respond to your child who worries? Feeling frustrated about how to help your moody teen? Are your child's challenges with attention and focus leaving you at your wits end? A child psychologist can help.

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Support for Your Whole Family

Is balancing work life, family life, and romance wearing you down? Do you and your spouse disagree about how to best respond to your children's challenging behavior? Do interactions between you and your child remind you of your own childhood? Our 360 degree approach to supporting families may be a great fit.

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Individual Adult Psychologist

Do you notice that your own worry and stress are interfering with your day to day life? Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed, and exhausted? Having trouble sleeping at night? A psychologist can help.

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Child Psychology and Adult Psychotherapy

Whether you are worried about your child or teenager, are having family conflict or marital discord, or need support for yourself, we can help. We offer child psychology services and psychotherapy for adults, resulting in 360 degree support for your whole family.

Child Psychology:

We can help:

  • Children and teens who worry, fret, avoid, and withdraw
  • Children and families dealing with autistic spectrum disorder
  • Families improve daily routines and make transitions smoother
  • Families improve sleep
  • Children’s whose parents are getting a divorce or have recently divorced
  • Children, adolescents or adults who have experienced trauma

Adult Psychotherapy

We support

  • Adults experiencing major life transitions and loss such as divorce, grief, relocation, and changes in employment
  • Individuals striving to improve their lifestyle choices, such as:
    • Creating healthy exercise habits
    • Improving sleep
    • Creating a healthy balance between responsibility and pleasure, connection and solitude
  • Individuals struggling with substance use problems
  • People facing challenges related to food and eating


We value and support the entire spectrum of what family means.  We welcome all races and faiths and fully support individuals within the LGBTQ community.

Child Therapy, Family Therapy, Couples Counseling
Strong Families
Psychotherapy for adults

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