Here are some free resources we think are helpful. Please check back often, as we will continue to add and update.

The National Association of School Psychologists outlines how parents and teachers can talk to children about violence.

The New York Times published an insightful article on feeling "blah" or "meh" called "languishing"

The Child Mind Institute offers a variety articles on specific concerns your child or family may be facing.

The Gottman Institute is an excellent resource for couples. Here is an article on ambiguous loss (hint: this is what we are experiencing right now!)

ImaginAction is a website that acts like an app, designed for kids, with the intent that adults can get some great use out of it too. When you go to the site, a short video explains what it is and how it works. They address topics such as relaxation, help falling asleep, dealing with uncertainty, emotion regulation, and more. has hand-picked content to support your mental and emotional wellness at no cost.

Are your kids asking questions you are finding hard to answer? Three helpful things to say when your kids are freaking out. 

Other Resources

PowerPoint from February 13th, 2017 presentation at Scenic Heights Elementary School: Childhood Anxiety

Resources from Stress and Resilience Series:

Healthy Thinking

Mind Tricks (aka "Automatic Negative Thoughts" or ANTs)

Link to Loving Kindness Meditation:

Feeling Connected Meditation

Active Listening Exercise

Podcasts & Videos

Stress and Resilience Part II: Building Resilience (Adult Version)

Watch and listen and Dr. Gretchen and Dr. Karla talk about building your own person resilience while facilitating growth and resilience for kids.

Stress and Resilience: Tips and Tools for Teens

Watch and listen as Dr. Gretchen and Dr. Paige talk with tweens and teens about managing stress and building resilience.

Stress and Resilience: Part 1

Watch and listen and Dr. Karla and Dr. Gretchen talk about stress and resilience in families. For adults, tweens and teens.


Dr. Gretchen and Dr. Karla have a non-routine discussion about family routines on The Mom Show.

Child Anxiety

The Mom Show on MyTalk 107.1. Dr. Gretchen Lewis-Snyder and Dr. Sonja Benson talk about childhood anxiety. Listen now.