HELP! COVID!! What parents can do to help their children in this uncertain time

THIS IS HARD (said everybody to everybody). We are fearful, scared, and also confused.

I’M ON YOUR SIDE (said parent to child). Children believe they will be alright when we say we’re figuring it out together.

WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Your good will is the ripple that morphs into kindness from others.



Be predictable in an unpredictable world – eat 3x tog, sleep 8-10 hrs, work/sch with play breaks (yes, even adults)

Use a calendar – kids love to write a daily schedule on a white board (and you won’t forget the day!)

Provide parameters – eLearning done by 12:30, lunch favorites, followed by independent choice time

Plan in family time – brainstorm fun choices together and rotate who gets the pick each night



Just listen, don’t talk

Behavior is children speaking up

You can (and will) get mad, but you can’t stay mad

Open up to conversation… “what’s happening for you now?”


Be present

Be open: emotionally

              “Show me what you’re worried about..”

Be curious: mentally

              “Let’s figure that out together”

Be creative: socially

              “Let’s do car visits to your friends and drop off art supplies!”

Be a role model: physically

              “Today’s challenge – who can get the most steps? (hmm..I’m going to have to work creatively)”


This is a historic time.  What will your child(ren) remember from living through it? What creative way can they make sense of this? A time capsule? Letters to family members away? Google slides presentation? COVID playlist? Social media photo of the day post? Drawing/Journaling (check out ) 

This is a new world for kids, an opportunity to activate children’s minds. It’s a chance to re-acquaint yourself with that wonderful human being you are nurturing to become their fullest self.  They will model resilience FOR US!